Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Risking death to save a button

O.k. maybe not death but injury.  I love parades and will go whenever I have a chance.  Well, we were at one where some of the various groups that do civil war re-enactments were participating.  If you've ever been fortunate enough to talk to someone who does civil war reenactments you'll know they strive to be as accurate as possible with their costuming.  Since I have a friend who is quite involved in this, I know that many of them will even purchase vintage buttons to use on their clothing.  

Back to the parade.  It was a beautiful sunny morning if a bit on the cool side.  I could here the fife and drums off in the distance as I settled my blanket on the curbside (Yes, these old bones still sit on the ground with the kids!).  The local band led off the parade followed by some of the Pee Wee leagues and a couple of clowns.  Then came the Civil War group.  As one of the drummers passed by, a button dropped off his shirt.  Well I had to have it!  So as the group passed I made a mad dash into the street to grab the button - right in front of the mounted division of the Knights of Columbus.  Have to give the horse credit, he didn't seem too upset, though I can't say the same for his rider!

The button turned out to be an authentic 4 hole bone button as was common on shirts of that era.  Not nearly as valuable as an authentic civil war metal button would've been (the one pictured recently sold for $600+), but a find nonetheless.  Besides, if it had turned out to be a metal one I would have felt compelled to hunt the guy down and give it back! So, what lengths have you gone to in order to get a button?


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  3. I have a slew of antique buttons I been meaning to post for sale on eBay!