Saturday, February 15, 2014

We're Baaaaaack!

After a VERY long hiatus, we've decided to reactivate this blog.  I know, 4 years is way too long to be gone, but a lot of stuff was going on during that time and the blog simply fell by the wayside.  Now that "regular posting has begun again, we've decided to add pinback buttons to our blog as well.

Why?", you might ask.  Mostly because my love of buttons now includes a love of pinbacks as well.  It started innocently enough.  There I was, rummaging through a lot of vintage buttons at a flea market, when what do I see but pinback buttons about button collecting!  I immediately grabbed the one that said "I love buttons" and the other that said "button collector".  Happily I brought them home along with the 10 or so Bakelite buttons I found that day.  Only thing was, they looked so lonely all be themselves....

So, off to Ebay and Etsy I went to see if I could find more.  Imagine my surprise when I found buttons with pictures of buttons, button convention buttons, sayings about buttons, etc. etc.  It wasn't long before I had a nice collection of buttons with a button theme!  From there I began thinking about whether or interests, fandoms, etc. might have buttons.  Well, of course, they do!  So, my small collection of pinback buttons began to grow, and grow, and grow.

Occasionally I would look for a button for a particular fandom, or a funny saying that I wanted, and wouldn't be able to find it.  A family member solved that problem by buying me a button making machine!  Now I not only collect them, I make them and sell them too!

Should you ever have a button you'd like to see created, let me know.  I'll probably do it!